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Reduce your business costs 

The good news is that Aviation New Zealand have already taken care of the first part. Aviation New Zealand have covered the cost for your business to join n3. You can start improving your bottom line right away through group buying power, all you have to do is activate. 

How do you make your n3 membership work for you?

Identify how your business purchases with suppliers

For Trade Accounts - open an account

For Cash Sales use the n3 Trade Card

It sounds simple, but if there is one area where n3 members tend to get confused its the difference between our On-Account vs. Trade Card.  Some suppliers offer both options, while others only allow trade accounts to be opened. Your n3 Account Manager will work with you to understand works for your business.

60+ suppliers your business can choose to trade ‘On-Account’ with.
To start trading you will need to open an account with the supplier.
If you are already trading with of them, we can check to make sure you are getting the best price.
Typically trade accounts are paid by invoice.

Less n3 Suppliers are available on the Trade Card.
The card works like an ID for the supplier to give you n3 pricing in-store (or online).
Goods and services must be paid in full at time of purchase.
Discounts may not be as strong on the Trade Card with some suppliers.

Where can I save?

With n3’s group buying power they have contracts in place with a breadth of leading suppliers across a range of categories. From milk supply to stationery, building supplies to fuel – everything your practice needs at a lower cost. To help you get started we’ve put together a list of key suppliers recommended for AVNZ member’s:

Reducing business costs is an important part of any business. With n3, your business can rest easy in knowing that you’re receiving the best pricing. 

Aviation New Zealand have partnered with n3 to help you reduce your business cost. Plus, they've covered the cost of your membership, so you won't have to pay a thing.

Aviation NZ have covered the cost of your n3 membership so you can start saving money on supplies straight away.

Activate your membership now - fill in the form above.

Once you’ve activated your membership, you can choose which n3 suppliers you want to trade with and open an account with them. Your business can then maintain a direct relationship with the suppliers - simply at lower prices.  Plus, your n3 Account Manager is there at any time to make sure you’re getting to most out of your n3 membership.


Download the n3 Supplier List to review suppliers and get started.

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"The savings just come through….

It all adds up to quite a big saving to the bottom line of our business"

Nicky van Praagh - Anglesea Hospital
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